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Gameplay Capture Artist


Born and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico, Gabriela is a Gameplay Capture Artist. She moved to the United States in 2019 to start pursuing her career in the film industry. After completing her bachelor's degree a year after, Gabriela took a year gap break to find an opportunity. She decided to embark on her master's journey in September of 2021, and graduated a year later on September of 2022. Gabriela dipped her toes in the film industry and was a part of the Netflix documentary series Inspiration 4: Mission to Space. After this, she realized that she wanted to be a part of the video game industry, since this was always her passion since she was a child. She joined the video game industry in 2022 in hopes to learn and grow as a professional in the art form she is in love with. This year of 2023, she has managed to become the PS5 Back of the Box photo art for the Modern Warfare III PS5 hardware bundle. Help tell stories to the players and help create new ways to view the beautiful art of video games.

Gabriela has always had a deeper passion for gaming and its industry. She picked up on Gameplay Capture at the beginning of 2021 and has improved immensely and become a gameplay capture artist. She aims and is eager to learn more about the gaming industry and have a more deeper artistic understanding and approach to the art form of video games.



- Español | Spanish [Native speaker/ First language]

日本 | Japanese  [Beginner]

- English [Full Proficiency]

- Proficient in Adobe Photoshop

- Proficient in Adobe Lightroom

- Photography experience 

- Art Direction [Beginner]

- Video Game Capture

- Proficient and Knowledgeable in Google Office Suite and Microsoft Office

- Assistant Experience

- Excellent organizational skills

- Unreal Engine 4

- In-house animation programs 


MBA - Business Entertainment | Full Sail University [2022]

BA - Film Production | Full Sail University [2020]


To learn as much as possible whilst representing the best game development companies and productions to help them reach their creative goals.

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